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Life Is Your Personal Development WorkShop ..  

We all hold beliefs that direct our experience..

Values that direct our behaviors.

Perceptions of who we are and who we are not.

The problem is, that most of the ones that hold us back are Bullshit!

Many times we find ourselves reflecting on life and the challenges it brings and being frustrated by the fact that there is a pattern. We seem to be experiecning the same things, perhaps in different ways, but the problem is still the same problem.

It could be the same type of person you keep attracting or the same money challenges. The same procrastination or business issues. 

This is where I come in. 

I’ve worked with CEO’s of tech companies, stay at home mums, detectives, sex worker, small business owners, entraprenuers, couples and 9-5 working professionals.. 

Empowerment is my focus, and as such guiding you to recognise the patterns within yourself over time through mindfulness technique and success strategies ensure that you can not only make the change you wish while we work together, but are empowered to continue to recognise, integrate and impliment the changes you need and want into the future.

My specialty is seeing beyond the story and finding the true source of the issue holding you back. Mind body and soul, we work together in order for you to experience the person you choose to be, while loving the perfection of who you are now, along the way.

” We have the tools and technology to hack our own limitations, it’s time to use them for good! “

Nerida Video 

6 months ago my life was dictated and frozen by fear. I was unable to make a clear decision about anything at all. I couldn’t even decide what I wanted for dinner. I always left the decision making to someone else or sought others advice first. I had been living a life of ‘safe’ recommendations!

It was with Nerida’s help that I discovered my true self and that I really hadn’t been living at all!

Now I do things for me, not to satisfy the status quo. I am not afraid of being ‘different’ because I now embrace everything that is perfectly me!

Most importantly I have never felt so at peace or whole as I now feel today.

Thank you Nerida for truly opening my heart and leading me home.

Lucinda Lightfoot

Business Owner

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