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Comprehensive group coaching program

a proactive approach to teams that lead
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one on one leadership coaching

people is what we do

Building The People That Lead The Way In Business

We offer one on one transformational leadership coaching retainer programs, along with yearly and quarterly work place culture and team enhancement.  

  • Empower your teams to lead the way.
  • Increase efficiency, confidence and harmony.
  • Take a proactive approach to your teams mental health. 
  • Build teams that create, innovate and serve. 

Our Specialties

facilitating excellence in individuals, teams and businesses

Business enhancement 

workplace culture

leadership development 

values alignment 

team building 

transformational coaching 

human behaviour training 

conflict resolution 

relationship building 

Don’t Settle For Less

Not Your Average Coach 

Nerida Mills works with her clients to extract their best version through her unique style and process. 

Her values driven approach guided by her deep knowledge of behavioural profiling and behavioural transformation helps to not only uncover the right steps forward but also helps an individual transform their perception of themselves and what is possible. 

“We are constantly under estimating ourselves as people. My role is to help you see, believe and know that you are the person you wish deep down you could be. From there, you will take care of the rest”. 

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