Decision Making Hack Time

Many people are “indecisive” or “uncertain” of the right thing to do and so avoid making any decisions one way or the other about moving forward, what task to work on, having that conversation or what they want in life.

The confusion in this scenario often lies around the misunderstanding that indecisiveness is not a personality trait but a lack of awareness around what you value. What is really important to you?

99% of the clients i work with have no idea what their values are when we start working together and in just one session have clarity on direction and actions required not because I am a miracle worker, but because they are now clear on what matters most to them.

If you are stuck in indecision, the remedy is not to just make a decision!! This can lead to disaster where you feel even more disconnected from yourself and any joy or happiness as you’ve made a decision based on necessity to make any decision and not values.

Therefore.. (and here is the hack).. the first thing you need to do is get clear on what do you want to experience. Is health important to you? Family? Love? Adventure? Change? Certainty? Allowing yourself the time to sit into your answers is the first priority!

The fact is that when you base your choices on the things that matter most to you, the decisions come easily and with certainty.