To Grow Or Shrink


The way I see it the difference between a healthy and unhealthy, or growth and stagnation mindset is simple.

If you think that the solution to your problem is outside of yourself, as in, other people or things. You are moving into an un-resourceful state or view of your problem. Leading you down the rabbit hole of blame, victim isolation and desperation.

You hold the solution to any issues you may be having. It may be in your ability to learn something new, to look at a given situation with new curious eyes, to step outside of your comfort zone or to open up and communicate authentically with the people you love and with yourself. It could be in your ability to perceive your reality in a new or different way or to recognise that it is the expectation of self or others that is leading to your discomfort.

Being responsible and empowered in your experience is in no way an excuse to beat yourself up or blame yourself for challenge (obviously once again moving down the road to an unhealthy state of mind) Because you are perfect right where you are.

Of course its easy to recognise this when things are going our way. The really healthy mindset and belief system knows this to be true in the midst of challenge too as it looks for ways of utilising the challenge being experienced.

A growth mindset says ” there is an opportunity for growth in all experience”

An un-resourceful mindset says “I have no control over this experience/situation”