Loving My Self

I find the idea of “Self” a fascinating one. We associate into the self on such a deep level and yet even in the language of “my” self we disassociate into the truth, that the self is something that is seperate from the “my”.

So what is the self?

Karl Jung suggests the self is a representation of God as it would be depicted within the psyche”God within us” in Psychology and Religion. Others call it the “soul”.

Then, that begs the question as to what constitutes “my”. The language of ownership dictates that this representation comes from the ego. So then to love myself I must love all aspects of who I am, the egotistical crazy person, the peaceful zen master, the bag of skin and bones that makes up the physical, the energy that pulsates through, around and out of me and everything in between these aspects.

How to do that?

Knowing that all of these aspects not only make up who we are but interplay with one another so that one must affect the other. An imbalance in one aspect will directly affect another and our whole will communicate through the sum of its parts.

For example when the soul feels confined or off track it will communicate this through ego or body or emotion or mentality. When the body is off we will be communicated with through the inevitable distortion of truth as the message can’t be clearly heard through a worn out line.

So then loving ones self unconditionally is treating each aspect of who you are with respect and love. Acknowledging the relationship between them and building trust with them all by following through on your commitment to your desires for expansion and growth.