Choose To See The Beauty

Such a simple concept and yet so many of us pass this by with disregard of its true power.

One of the things I love about gratitude is that neurologically you can not access gratitude and fear/frustration/anger at the same time as they are in different parts of the brain that can not fire simultaneously.

This means that when ever you are in a state of gratitude you can not be experiencing those other emotions. It’s impossible. And there, my friends is the recipe to moving past fear. To letting go of frustration and anger and experiencing more peace and happiness in your life consistently.

The other amazing thing I love about gratitude is that, like all things in the mind, the more we choose to experience it, the easier it becomes and more automatic it becomes.

Even in those moments when life gets on top of you, you can find something to be grateful for. The breeze on your skin, the air in your lungs, the opportunity to wake up. The sun shining down, the birds song, the shade of a tree, a comfortable couch, a great movie.

The list is literally endless.

I secretly make up new words to the Sound of Musics song, “a few of my favourite things” Its fun and geeky and well worth a try.. Give it a go and remind yourself of your favourite things in life. Then all you have to do is notice and enjoy.

Gratitude transforms. It stems from LOVE, how could it not.