Cultivating a Spiritual Connection

The esoteric, energetic, emotive and divine self. These are the “labels” I would attach to what some would call the spiritual self.

Essentially I believe that connecting with your spiritual self is about recognising, celebrating and listening to the divine within you and others. And/or living from your heart. It connects us to the essence of our being which is all that is. We are all the same, you and I and everyone else. Everything else at our base structure and for me, cultivating my spiritual self is directly connected to living from that place of interconnectedness. What I do must affect you because we are the same. Much like a drop of water falling into a pond affects the entire pond we all connect to and effect one another.

For me, I found the most challenging part of this process has not been around my ability to love, forgive and celebrate my own divinity but knowing when to seperate the divinity of the people I care for from their behaviours when said behaviours affect me negatively.

Intention is everything in our own experience but for the behaviour of another what we have in our reality is their behaviour. Not to say we should ignore their intent, only that the thing we have to process and potentially heal from is the behaviour. Yes this reflects ourselves back to us, but there comes a time when the reflection is teaching us to remove ourselves from the potential of experiencing said destructive behaviours.

This conundrum challenges me because I see the beauty in others, at times to my own detriment. And I think many people who walk this path can experience the same problems. Especially if you are a natural healer or are someone who wants to help others.

For me, I feel their souls anguish and yet by allowing myself the constant betrayal of their behaviour I betray myself. But should that mean I should always build these walls and live by this place of distancing and not believing in a persons true potential of love of self in order to protect myself. I don’t think so. I will always hold the belief of a persons natural inclination to move to a place of self love, which ever path they choose to take. But there are times that distance is needed while each of us find our own way. And the only way to know when either support or distance is required is to sit into my own truth. To listen to not only my heart but my head and my gut. To connect to my own intention. Am I there to “rescue”? or to”love” (not in an intimate sense but a soul sense) or to “support” the journey back to self love or ????

Regardless of the truth I find, a martyr is not what this world needs. And that is all that is possible when we do not love ourselves fully and instead focus on helping others to our own detriment. After all, I am the first person I must love. By betraying that, I betray us all.