The Equilibrium

When did “doing” take precedence over “being”?

When did accomplishment take precedence over happiness?

When did they become mutually exclusive?

Can we not do amazing things and be present in the process to reflect, recoup and enjoy the way our beingness evolves as we explore it in the doing?

Regardless of when this transition into insanity first took hold, is it not time to take a step back and reflect on the simple question.. Is it working for you?

For some people this will be their happy place. To push and push and excel and grow and never stop. Yet for the majority attempting to keep up with the status quo, this is a push out of their natural state and so can be held for periods of time but is certainly not a way of ‘being’ always. In fact pushing yourself out of your natural state for too long will lead to fatigue, depression and illness. WHY? Because it is not your natural state. It takes more energy for you to play there. It is an aspect of who you are, but not your whole self and so you will be called back to experience your whole self one way or another.

The same is said for the go, go, go person. To try and stop for too long for this person would drive them mad. Literally.

So its not about what you do, but who you are within it. Its about experiencing all of who you are and playing into your strengths of natural state whilst enjoying the inevitable stretch of stepping outside of that state to fully experience all of your potential. Our go getter can experience the benefits of relaxing on a beach and being present. A naturally chilled personality can enjoy the thrill of putting their back against the wall and giving it all they have.

Regardless of your natural state or stretch, the most important thing is to accept and embrace your natural state and work from there. Your energy of self is your equilibrium. Bring it home by choice rather than force. Its a much more enjoyable process.