Innovation of Self

Stagnation of self comes from a decision to justify or defend who we are, what we believe and how we experience our reality. Sometimes it is needed, sometimes it is not.

Our reality is ever changing, as are we. The only way to not change is to not learn the lessons of our experience and instead choose to repeat the behaviours and/or strategies that lead to the experiences that offer up said lessons.

The projection that if you change who you are you are unauthentic amuses me. Is it the person that decides to evolve who they are as their experience directs them that is in-authentic, or the person that chooses to defend, justify and be unmoving in who they think they are that is truly betraying themselves and others?

Its a fun question to ponder.

Of course, everything is perfect. The person who choses stagnation will choose it until it ceases to deliver the desired outcome. As will the person who choses evolution. We will continue to change the aspects of ourselves until they deliver the outcomes desired.

In this way, there is nothing to judge of ourselves or another, our journeys are our own. Simply to question, are we getting the outcomes we want in our lives. If we are not, perhaps some deeper questions are needed. Perhaps an evolution is calling us forward.

What do I really want?

What have I, up until now, been unwilling to do?

What needs to change?

What am I afraid of?

What part of myself do I defend by staying the same?

What is one thing I need to do right now that will set me on the course of desired outcome?

Whats the next thing?

It is not our circumstance that dictates if we can evolve and learn, but the quality of the questions we ask and our willingness and courage to answer them honestly.

Innovation to me is about learning from the past and creating something that works more efficiently, accurately and sustainably to create the outcome we seek. You can see, I trust why I am a lover of innovation of self.