How we construct the perception of Self

The idea of who we are that lies in our own minds is not only fluid but predominately constructed through childhood experience, stories we tell, and a filter we are not even normally aware of.

We judge ourselves for better or worse through this perception and can allow the spiral of belief to lift us up or tear us down.

Jason Silva, one of my favourite Youtube personalities, had a great way of demonstrating the truth that your perception of self is constructed not only on these things but predominately on the idea that we are who we think other people think we are! (check out his video here)

Let that sink in for a second.

We are who we think other people think we are.

What this means is that if we have a negative view on other peoples perception on who we are – social anxiety for example, based on a warped sense of disapproval from another, then our identity, our perception of self is going to be overwhelmingly negative. We are going to constantly feel like we are not good enough. We will play out these fantasies of BS perception and become what we believe others think of us to be. Thus creating a downward spiral of experiencing the actual perception in our minds that we believe are in others minds.

We literally first imagine the perception and then lay out the red carpet and create it for other people and ourselves to have quantifiable evidence of its truth.

If you think other people wont think your intelligent, you will stumble when trying to communicate topics that in your mind are intellectual, even if you know the subject inside out. Providing the exact evidence to yourself that other people think your stupid.

The ways in which this process unfolds is limitless.

So now, lets use it.

What if we believe that other people think we are awesome, regardless of mistakes, stumbles, and mis-steps past or present?

What if we saw ourselves without limit and allowed another people to hold that same belief by first imagining it?

You are the creator – Create a wonderful self fulfilling prophecy of incredible unique brilliance.