Changing behaviour on a large scale

Behavioural change on a large scale is very much the same as behavioural change on an individual level in many ways but very different in others.

To over simplify things – to make a change in behaviour we need to make a decision and follow through consistently until the new behaviour takes the place of the old in our subconscious mind of what to access in the given situation the behaviour is called upon.

Collectively the same thing is essentially needed. In the past the directive of what changes happen when have largely be made by those in charge. The kings and queens, or more recently the politicians and heads of state. Even more recently we see increasingly that large business has a good deal of influence as the economy takes a front row seat in policy. (even when no planet, no economy, but thats for another time)

The point is, the people making the decisions on behaviour/policy change, collectively changes. Has changed and will change again. What demands such change? Evolution baby and the evolution is pointing one way and that is back to the people. We move with each evolution of power holders closer and closer to the mass population of individuals.

Some countries already have made that transition and funnily enough are doing pretty well. In fact leading the world in many areas including education, sustainability, innovation and happiness.

But for the people to be the collective we must be able to first work as one. We must work together and to do that we must move past our own BS that stands in the way of empathy, connection and community. We must be willing to own our own decisions and grow from our mistakes. Until then we stay in the ‘he says, she says’ bull shit mediocrity that keeps us divided and disempowered.

This is why the work you do as an individual matters. Because once you know what you are capable of you feel a sense of responsibility to this world and once that happens the world might just be a much better place. The trouble in this of course is that we are comfortable in our disempowered ways that demand little of us and yet we wonder why depression rates are through the roof and we eat or shop to subdue the darkness.

If we want the change to come from the people, then we must be the people willing to make it happen. In society, in business, at home. Its up to us, it always has been.