I love that some people who want the world to change sit back and expect it to do so without them personally needing to do any work around their own behaviour or choices in order to see said change.

Its the greatest frustration of people in the change industry. Those beautiful souls who believe that by reaching out and claiming “I want change” that they have done enough. Or that by association, their life will change.

It wont.

The reason is simple. You are addicted to the experience of victim, of drama or of being at effect of your environment. “If only “those people” wouldn’t be so manipulative I could move on with my life”. “If only the economy wasn’t so bad I could work towards what I want”. “If only”, “if only”.

Blah blah blah. Gotta say, grow up.

Life is always going to throw curve balls at each and every one of us. The idea that we can’t handle the ball that at this moment is heading straight for us is the epitome of a “can’t do” attitude. And I have to ask, what aspect for your identity are you addicted to holding on to, because your idea of who you are or who your not is the only thing standing between your ability to hit a home run with that ball or being hit in the head.

Because we all know people have come from worse situations than yours and made the change. So if its not the situation creating the issue/s… time to look in the mirror.