Understanding the complexity and contradictions of the human soul..

**Hands in the air … My farts stink. I have bad breath in the mornings. I yell at my kids out of frustration, desperation and at times pure exhaustion. I over share in awkward situations. I love spending time with people at times to the detriment of sanity. I eat pizza and watch movies when i’m feeling low. I really don’t enjoy washing clothes, although strangely love hanging them up on the line.

I like to think i see the best in people and want to present the best in myself and yet don’t all the time. My jokes can be really bad quite regularly and I am really frustrated at many, many things in the world at the moment. I am not always my own best friend and don’t always strive for success. But sometimes I do and am.

I have come to a place in myself that I’m okay with all of that except when I’m not. I am a ball of contradiction and my greatest fear is that no one will see through that to see me. I am no different to anyone else in that. So in the midst of it all I choose to be me in this moment. And to be okay with doing what works until it doesn’t.

aI am not perfect and I don’t get it right all the time, in fact lets be honest, rarely. And I am here. Trying, learning, growing. Being me, because there is no one else I would rather be.

We are all quirky, unique, imperfect beings. Everyones farts stink. The point is to be you. And to love all sides of the multifaceted coin that makes you up. This is the moment to accept it all, because this moment is all we ever have.