How we see ourselves can be such a powerful or detrimental perception. It can lead us to feeling empowered, confident, strong, successful or diminished, sad, lonely, separate, unworthy or depressed.

It is said that we see ourselves through the eyes of what we think other people see us as. So it is not how we view ourselves that dictates our confidence but how we view other peoples perceptions of us.

As you can see it gets quite convoluted very quickly and is extremely pliable and influential.

It is not if we see ourselves as strong or confident or intelligent or beautiful but if we believe other people see us to be that. Which lets be clear, while natural, is ridiculous because firstly we cant accurately gauge if your perception of their perception is true, you can only assume. And secondly who says they are right?

We are gifted with a mind that can question our perceptions, stories and beliefs. We can delve down the rabbit hole of experience so to speak. The vastness of the mind and the endless potential of our being is directed by what we believe possible and how we see ourselves within the world.

So then it once again comes back to our own perception of our experience that creates the stories and thus the emotional state of our existence. It comes down to a desire to explore and question.

So if you notice yourself feeling judges or put down. Question the validity of the story you are telling yourself. Because the reality is that you are writing the story, you might as well write an adventure worthy of your life.