When we perceive our reality we don’t tend to perceive it in the context of the story we are telling. We simply accept the story as fact, usually without the awareness that the story even exists.

A simple silent internal “arse hole” comment made after you observe someones behaviour will directly impact your emotional state and your behaviour moving forward in relation to that person. And not just immediate behaviour but potentially future behaviour as well. Imagine if instead you heard “student” or “scared” or “what do they need?” How different could your experience be?

The truth is that the story is on constant loop. Its running in the back ground with a narrator on speed, never stopping, never shutting up and with no one or nothing to real them in.

Enter “The work” by Byron Katie.

The reason I LOVE this process soooooo much is because it is a reliable way to bust through the ego of the story and discover the truth under all that frustration, anger, hurt and separation.

The work is a series of questions anyone can follow. You can find them here if you would like to explore this further.

They also make an indisputable argument for the simple fact that your stories exist. And they are made up of complete and utter BS. And in by doing frees you from the idea that you are right, allowing peace and gratitude to flow back into your life.

AHHHHHHHH I can hear the exhale as I type.