About Nerida

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am passionate about understanding experience. As a human behaviorist and a home schooling mumma of three amazing children – who both inspire me and drive me mad equally. I believe it is our own responsibilities to create the life we desire and I have made it my mission to become an expert infiltrator of experience to empower myself, my children and my clients to do exactly that.

An all round Earth Goddess.

I believe in our intrinsic connection to the planet, our bodies and each other. That these connections allow us to experience reflections of the deepest, most profound relationship we can have, the one we have with ourselves. In this way we can use our experience and our environment to know ourselves more deeply and dramatically influence and enhance our experience of life. 

The curiosity of what drives myself and others as well as an absolute belief in each individuals potential and opportunity has brought me to work with some amazing leaders of life and business.

I am truly grateful

For the opportunity to share myself with the world and potentially get to know you along the way.

The table is always set for “the friends I haven’t met yet.”


(Totally stole that quote from a Barbie movie! Who would have thought lol)


Contact me :                         Mobile: 0432 556 991                           Email: info@neridamills.com

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