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what we do

leadership coaching

Leading your business to greater levels of success is the mission of any great leader. But that is not always easy. We understand and are here to help.



Women’s Leadership  

While we work with both men and women, we specialise in women’s leadership development. 

After working with hundreds of women leaders over the last 7 years in business from corporate leaders to entraprenuers to business leaders, we believe we can help any wo/man become the best leader they can be, 


The Path To Great Success Starts With A Single Step

weekly support

Coaching sessions delivered weekly on retainer program to ensure ongoing support, growth and progress as the needs, wants and goals shift and evolve as you do. 

transformational coaching

Nerida’s unique coaching process is based on transforming the base structure of identity that drives all behaviours and thus outcomes. We do not band aide solutions but transform the situation to where the solution is inevitable. 

bonus learning tools

Drawn from years of research, learning and development in the transformation space, Nerida offers her clients a library of bonus material to draw on as the need arises. 

From Our Founder

Bringing Leadership Home 

The greatest challenge many people face is not what happens around them but how they show up to meet life in those moments that leadership is most required. 

It is here we influence through our authenticity, honesty and grace. 


coaching retainer 

Retainer Program

After years of working with leaders to extract their unique greatness, we have found retainer programs to be the most effective model as this keeps the power of change where it belongs. In your hands. 


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