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Working with teams

It’s not just the people in leadership roles that need benefit from a positive mental health plan and a leadership enhancement program. Each individual within an organisation contributes to the culture, direction and efficiency of their workplace.



Culture & Development 

We specialise in building team cohesion and a positive mental health culture within small business. We do this through a two tiered approach. Individual leadership coaching and support & group cultural integrity.


building a culture of togetherness


The Pathway To Your Teams Transformation

monthly training

Through monthly webinars the team continues to deepen their understanding and influence over their mental health, behaviours, goals, directions and impact. With the accountability of each other to their commitments and stretches along the way. 

leadership coaching

Each individual of the organisation is empowered to be as decisive, effective and efficient as any leader would be. It is through deep personal work and an increase in our understanding of human behaviour that we can cultivate and support greatness in ourselves and others. 

team building retreats

Breaking down the masks that people use in a workplace, we empower team members to see one another as allies. With cutting edge transformational experiences employed to move participants out of their comfort zones we get participants into a space of authentic relating. 

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

In these challenging times it is more important than ever to support your workforce with a culture built on mutual support, respect and growth. 

Supporting your team with a proactive approach to their mental health and leadership development ensures they have the tools to effectively meet the challenges of the businesses needs no matter the condition. 


Pricing Models For Every Need

Working with small business these package pricing is based on up to 8 team members. For larger team pricing please contact us for a free quote. 

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