All Roads Lead To Rome

I found myself in one of those situations over the weekend, where I was telling a group of people about something I had given a try with a resounding “Oh, no, why that?!” Which gave me an internal giggle as the weekend before in the same conversation with a different group of people it was a resounding “oh, that’s awesome! I love that”

We see this all of the time in the health industry. “Eggs are bad for you – oh, no wait, they are actually a life saving superfood” At school, “go straight to uni -do not pass go, do not collect $200” and “take a gap year off and find yourself first”

In the personal development industry too we have the contradictions that keep people guessing which is the best way to go. Do you work until you reach your goal or focus on living in the moment and having gratitude for everything in your life? Do you “model, model, model” or stay authentically you and promote all of your pitfalls and mishaps along the way?!

And then we have the time conundrum where something worked or didn’t in the past and yet here we stand with the opposite to be true.

So how can you know what is right for you? How to choose?!

At the end of the day, or even at the beginning, the truth is that what is right for you will not be right for me. What works for me won’t work for your girl friends, sisters aunt. We must each be able to have an ability to listen, to hear and even to try new things while listening to our own inner guidance of what works for us individually in the current moment.

Using your intuition to guide you to your own truth. What “resonates” what feels true to you. Who is the judge of right and wrong, good or bad, success or failure? You are.

Trust yourself to make the right choice for you because I can guarantee the rest of the world will have an opinion. But they aren’t you. You are. ¬†And you are the one who has to live with the choices you make. They are all busy living with their own. Give yourself permission to experience the time you need for contemplation. I always find nature helps guide me in this process.

I have a wonderful belief that all roads lead to Rome. What that means to me is simple. It doesn’t matter how many u-turns, stop signs, detours or mountain passes I travel via through my life. The same being said for anyone else. It doesn’t matter what someone else choses to do or believe or be. We are all heading to the same place in the end. How can I possibly understand what is best for anyone but myself. And even then! The amount of “mistakes” that have been necessary for my journey in life, that without them I could not be who I am today. How can I know what “mistakes” are needed or not for anothers journey. And how can anyone else know what is needed for mine.

You have everything you need within you to create the experience you desire and need. 90% of the journey is believing THAT.