Falling to Fail

When life presents us with an opportunity, a dream, a task or a challenge we want to meet these challenges like the hero’s on the silver screen with bravado, determination and eventually success.

But life doesn’t always turn out that way.

There are times when, try as we might, we come up short. Where our minds trap us in a descending cycle of sadness, emptiness and anger. There are times when what we thought we wanted so desperately turn out to be not as we had expected.

Then there are those times when we didn’t have all the tools we needed or we just didn’t want it enough to do what it would take and sacrifice something we wanted more.

We fail.

We fall.

We get beaten up and pushed down.

We get tested.

Who are you? What do you really want? How much do you want it? ┬áThese are the questions we are asked as we fail forward. Because isn’t that what its about. Moving forward? Learning? Not just about life and how to do it better, but about us and how to BE better.

How do you learn a better way of doing something if what your doing works? How motivated will you be to find that better way?

We don’t fail. We grow. In the midst of falling, we grow. As we land on that hard, hard floor or rock bottom, we grow.

As we soar above it all, we see how and where we have grown.

If you avoid failure – you will avoid life. Embrace it and embrace the beauty life has to bring.