There is such a massive difference in the way we each perceive our reality. We see it through our own filtered lens of experience. This lens can, and does have drastic implications in terms of what we believe possible, how we relate to others and what we are willing to do, accept and experience.

So to gain an understanding on how our lens works specifically to us as individuals is the greatest thing we can do to open up the world of possibility and strengthen our understanding of self.

To do so, we do not necessarily need to know all the science behind how the mind works, although I personally love that stuff. What we do need to do is to cultivate an awareness of trigger points and reactionary behaviours. The reason being is that these are the sign posts of our filters. These indicate where we have healing to be had. Along with where our vision is fogged or obscured.

Noticing what triggers you and seeing such environmental experiences as ‘a trigger’, in and of itself helps alleviate the emotional attachment to experiences, thus allowing for a more peaceful experience in ones self and a clearer view point to grow from. More then that though it allows for and breeds a deeper understanding of self and even more opportunities for healing and growth.

To notice is to change the conversation in your head and the intention of your interactions with yourself and with others. The simple question of “what opportunity lies in this experience” is a favorite of mine along with “What else is possible?”

There are so many amazing questions to ask yourself that trump the idea of “I can not believe x just did that” ***Spoken with a teenage righteous tonality for affect** And enhance your experience beyond your belief.

Now that is something worth investing your time in.