Earth YourSelf Retreat


I believe that we are all here to make a difference in our unique way. It is my experience both in my personal life and with the work I have done with my clients that the universe is here to support us. Generally our friends and family are here to support us and the person who is standing in our way is usually us.
Thats right … YOU…
That stops here and now.

If you are ready to ignite that fire that is burning within in you, the one calling you to step up, even if you don’t know how.
Join me for a weekend of phenomenal transformation where you will connect with your truth, ground new understandings and put into place the processes that will transform your life.

Connect to the answers within, the truth of who you are, through exercises designed to bypass the limitations created by our ego and connect you with your higher self  thus extracting your own answers.

Connect with the strength and energies of the land through ceremony and gain awareness of the guidance that is intrinsically within your everyday experiences.

Connect with like minded people and grow collectively and consciously with on going support of an empowering community.

Breakthrough old habits and behaviours that keep you playing small.

Breakthrough to new understandings of the power you yourself hold to achieve your goals.

Breakthrough societies conditioning of what is expected and what is possible to find your definition of success and learn the tools and technologies to achieve it.

Designed to ensure that you have enough time and support for you to recharge your batteries in order for you to walk out with all the energy you need to power forward.

Included in this retreat is your accommodation, vegetarian meals, daily yoga and meditation and much much more!!



This is YOUR time