Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic therapies works to the prevent and eliminte disease based on our ability to influence the mind body expression.

The therapy involves an analysis of your body’s physiology (shape, size and structure) This physiology is determined by your individual’s genetics, environment and emotional state.

The Mind-Body analysis provides an indication of you repetitive emotional and cognitive behaviours. From here, the aim is then to restore mental, emotional and physical balance using a combination of techniques including:

*emotional trigger point release therapy 

*postural alignment

*breathing techniques

*detailed body-mind analysis


*chakra rebalancing


 Reading someone’s body is both a science and an art

This is a self-healing process. You are supported in a patient, caring and safe atmosphere that allows the repressed and unacknowledged emotions of your life to surface to be released.

Incredible changes can be experienced in a short time even when the issue has been held within you for years.

We explore the mental, emotional, physical and biological aspects of your overall health, you are then provided with a detailed assessment contatining practical exercises, so you can understand and participate in your own healing process as it addresses the emotional and physical factors that contribute to your overall health and happiness.

Break Down :

A full ‘Body-Mind Analysis’ with a written report (You may record your session if you wish).  Session time: 2-2 and a half hours

Psychosomatic Lifestyle Consultation for analysis of your body mind condition in terms of general health, relationships and mental and emotional issues. Session time: 1 and a half hours

Body Work which can be ranging in its application but usually includes Emotional Trigger Point Release Therapy with Centre Core Chakra rebalancing. Session time: 2 and a half-3 hours

Emotional trigger point release therapy can and will bring up emotions. That is the point. Anything and everything can and will come out on the table. Each session is unique and is tailored for the person being worked on.